Monday, 16 January 2017

Om Yatheendraya namaha

3. ऊँ यतीन्द्राय नमः
Om Yatheendraya namaha
Sri Ramanuja is famously known as ‘यतिराज’ (yatiraja); He is the king of saints. Best among the enlightened and the diligent spiritual pathfinders. The words Yatiraja and yatindra mean one and the same. Yati+raja=Yatiraja; Yati+Indra=Yatindra. Indra means ‘the best of the class’ – Sri Ramanuja is best among the saints.

We are told that Sri Ramanuja had a following of about 700 saints. A saint is called a yati insofar as his life is characterized by ‘यत्न’ (yatna), or ‘प्रयत्न’ (prayatna) meaning hard work and toil. Tenacious and hard working seers of those days had recognized Sri Ramanuja as their exemplary leader and followed him implicitly. That is how Sri Ramanuja is hailed as yatiraja oryatindra.

To be recognized and accepted as a guru by the ordinary and the uninformed is not an achievement. To be esteemed by enlightened seers and spiritual masters is indeed very admirable. No doubt Sri Ramanuja catered to the needs of ordinary folks, and strived to uplift the ignorant, but his real greatness consisted in his being the doyen among the pious and the learned of his times.
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