Monday, 11 April 2016

Ten Spiritual Tonics

1. Stop worrying. Worry kills life.
2. Begin each day with a prayer. It will arm your soul.
3. Control appetite. Over-indulgence clogs body and mind.
4. Accept your limitations . . .
5. Don?t envy. It wastes time and energy.
6. Have faith in people. Cynicism sours the disposition.
7. Find a hobby. It will relax your nerves.
8. Read a book a week to sti bmulate imagination and broaden your views.
9. Spend some time alone for the peace of solitude and silence.
10. Try to want what you have, instead of spending your strength trying to get what you want."

What Time Should You Sleep?

To Healthy Morning Every day.

Is there a best time to sleep? There is a saying that sleeping early and waking up early is good for your health. How true is that? Is it alright to sleep late and wake up late?

You actually have an amazing biological clock ticking inside your body. It is very precise. It helps to regulate your various body functions including your sleeping time.

From 11pm to 3am, most of your blood circulation concentrates in your liver. Your liver gets larger when filled with more blood. This is an important time when your body undergoes detoxification process. Your liver neutralizes and breaks down body toxins accumulated throughout the day.

However if you don't sleep at this time, your liver cannot carry out this detoxification process smoothly.

If you sleep at 11pm, you have full 4 hours to detoxify your body.
If you sleep at 12am, you have 3 hours.
If you sleep at 1am, you have 2 hours.
 And if you sleep at 2am, you only have 1 hour to detoxify.
What if you sleep after 3am? Unfortunately, you won't have any time to actually detoxify your body. If you continue with this sleeping pattern, these toxins will accumulate in your body over time. You know what happens next.

What if you sleep late and wake up late?

Have you tried going to bed very late at night? Did you realize you feel very tired the next day no matter how much you sleep?

Sleeping late and waking up late is indeed very bad for your health. Besides not having enough time to detoxify your body, you will miss out other important body functions too.

From 3am to 5am, most blood circulation concentrates in your lung. What should you do at this moment? Well, you should exercise and breathe in fresh air. Take in good energy into your body, preferably in a garden. At this time, the air is very fresh with lots of beneficial negative ions.

From 5am to 7am, most blood circulation concentrates in your large intestine. What should you do at this moment? You should poop! Pass out all unwanted poop from your large intestine. Prepare your body to absorb more nutrients throughout the day.

From 7am to 9am, most blood circulation concentrates in your stomach. What should you do at this moment? Have your breakfast! This is your most important meal in a day. Make sure you have all the required nutrients from your breakfast. Not having breakfast causes lots of health problems for you in the future.

That's the way to start your day

There you are... the most ideal way to start your day. After fully detoxifying your blood during your sleep, you wake up fresh to inhale beneficial energy. Then you pass out unwanted poop from your large intestine. After that, you take in balanced nutrients to prepare your body for a new day.

No wonder people living in villages or farms is healthier. They sleep early and wake up early. They follow their natural biological clock.

Living in city, we have more difficulty in following this sleeping schedule. We have good lightning, TV and internet to delay our precious sleeping time.

Following your natural timetable

Once I know the importance of our biological clock, I try my best to follow it. If I wake up early, I usually start my day on the computer. But when I see the clock shows 7am, I know it's the best time for breakfast. So I'll try to have my breakfast before 9am for best absorption.

What if you're offered a night shift job? I recommend you to reject it even the salary is higher. For long term, you may need to spend more money for your health problems.

What if you have assignment to do until late at night? Well, why not sleep early and wake up earlier to do it? Just shift your work time from late night to early morning. You get the same time. But your body will appreciate it.

With this, try to follow this timing as close as possible. Make it your daily routine. I'm sure you will feel fresher and more energetic all day long.  Stay fit


Strange but true...!!!!!

1 - Inspite of so many colors - Black & White is considered Class.

2 - Inspite of so many voices words & sounds - Silence is considered ultimate.

3 - Inspite of so much to eat - Fasting is considered healthy.

4 - Inspite of so much to travel & explore - Meditating under trees & mountains is considered superior.

5 - Inspite of so much to see - Closing your eyes & looking within is Apex.

6 - Inspite of listening to all the outside world - Voice from inside You is eternal.

7 - Inspite of a Sweet charming Life - A Peaceful Soul is Solace & Divine.

Trust your senses. Live a Great Life.


1) Anna Maya (with cereals),
2) Pranamaya (with breath),
3) Mano Maya (with mind),
4) Vigyanamaya (with knowledge)
5) Anandamaya (with joy) are present in every human being. With little effort, humans can perfect in three more kalas -
6) Atishayini, (With Peace)
7) Viparinabhimi (With Love)
8) Sankramini. (With Creator)
The other remaining eight Kalas are
9) Prabhvi.
10) Kunthini,
11) Vikasini,
12) Maryadini,
13) Sanhaladini,
14) Ahladini,
15) Paripurna 
16) Swarupavasthit:

Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book ... Completely faithful to the animated series with some brilliant CG and good BGM ... !!! smile emoticon smile emoticon
# Worth a watch ... !!!

-- Baloo ... The show stealer --