Tuesday, 20 January 2015

This is such a Beautiful message - Please do read it -

The ...E... life !!!!!
In this world of E-mails, E-ticket, E-paper, E-recharge, E-transfer...
Never Forget "E-shwar ( God )"
who makes e-verything e-asy for e-veryone e-veryday.
"E" is the most Eminent letter of the English alphabet.
Men or Women don't exist without "E".
House or Home can't be made without "E".
Bread or Butter can't be found without "E".
"E" is the beginning of "existence" and the end of "trouble."
It's not at all in 'war'
but twice in 'peace'.
It's once in 'hell' but twice in 'heaven'.
"E" represented in 'Emotions'
Hence, all emotional relations like Father, Mother, Brother, Sister,Wife & Friends have 'e' in them.
"E" also represents 'Effort' & 'Energy'
Hence to be 'Better' from good both "e" 's are added.
Without "e", we would have no love, life, wife, friends or hope
& 'see', 'hear', 'smell', or 'taste' as 'eye' 'ear', 'nose' & 'tongue' are incomplete without "e".m
Hence GO with "E" but without

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Makar Sankranti 2015

ツ Wishing each one of you on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Uttrayan & Bhogi. Different names, different cultures,no country as remarkably diverse as India! May it bring prosperity & happiness to your lives 🙏 ツ

I / Ai movie review

ツ Just came back after watching #I

To start with, the actor of the film, none other than #Chiyaan #Vikram, played three different characters. Village guy, Handsome Model & a Disfigured man . He excelled in all the three roles. Vikram’s hard work can be seen in every frame.
Amy Jackson’s screen presence is just wow. This is by far the biggest project of her career & she has given her best.
Upen Patel World looked good as antagonist. He came as a breath of fresh air for the south Indian audience. Suresh Gopi, Santhanam & others were good in their brief roles.
The movie travels between flashback and the present day.
Director Shankar has taken up a very interesting storyline & made a movie the way only he can - bigger than life.
A.R. Rahman's music has already been topping the charts & as expected, Shankar's visuals captured by PC Sreeram's camera are fantastic.

PS: "I" is not a movie to be reviewed, rather a movie to be celebrated for Vikram's effort & for Vikram. “I” an everlasting experience, take a bow Chiyaan you are maniac of an actor !

Thursday, 1 January 2015


ツ VAIKUNTA EKADASHI DHARSHANAM was very exemplary not only for the MIND but also for the body, as a whole
By visiting a few temples in Mysore not only the God given mind enriched my ‪#‎GNANAM‬ but also my body became ‪#‎PUNEETH‬
I had the amazing dharshanam of Lord Vishnu decorated with natural garlands spreading fragment smell. God has made me to enjoy Heavenly Happiness on earth
I offered my sincere prayers to God by chanting Lakshmi Ashtothram to bless cheerfulness to everyone in the ensuing Happy New Year 2015 ツ
feeling blessed.