Saturday, 14 January 2017

Sri Ramanujar

Sri Ramanuja has many names, which were given at different points of time
1.Ilayazhwar- Name given by Thirumalai Nambi at the time of his birth.
2.Ramanujar-Name given by periya nambi during his pancha samskaram at Madhurantakam.
3. Yathirajar- Meaning king of Yathis or sannyasis - Name given by DhEva PerumAL during sanyAsAshrama svIkAram.
4.Udayavar- Name given by Namperumal on Ramanuja’s arrival at Srirangam. When he arrived there Lord Ranganatha. declared Yathiraja as responsible for this world and "other" world. Nitya Vibuthi and Leela Vibhuti.
5. Godagrajar- Name given by Srivilliputhur Srivaishnavas. Another version is since Sri Andal Herself called him anna or elder Brother Sri Vaishnavites from Sri Villiputtur from where Andal hails called him by this name.
6. Appanukku Sangaazhi Alittha Perumal - Ramanuja submitted to Tirupati Venkatesa Perumal the Sangu and Chakram as a result of the dispute whether the main deity at Tirumala is Shiva or Vishnu. Hence he is knowns as Appanukku Sangaazhi Alittha Perumal.
7. Namkovil Annanaar(elder brother)- Name given by Aandal when Ramanuja went to Srivilliputhur Temple and offered 100 cups of sweet porridge (Akkaaravadisal) to Maaliruncholai Azhagar in Madurai, as per her wish which was expressed in Nachiyar Thirumozhi.
8. Thiruppavai Jeer – When Ramanuja sung the Thiruppaavai songs while he went for begging he was termed by the people of Srirangam as Thiruppavai Jeer. Also there is another interpretation ie. name given at Srirangam after Ramanuja swooned on seeing Athuzhai, daughter of Mahapurna, mistaking her to be Nappinnai (since he was so absorbed in the meanings of Thiruppavai pasuram).
9. Bhasyakarar – As per the wish of Alavandar, Ramanuja wrote the Commentary [Bhashyam} to Brahmasutra in accordance with Thiruvaymozhi, and so he became famous by this name. Also it is said the name was given by Saraswati at the Sri Bhandaram library in Kashmir because of his authorship of Sri Bhasyam.
10. 'PanchaAcharya Siidar– When Ramanuja sat at the feet of five Acharyas, he was termed as thus.
11. Emperumanar . Name given by Thiru Koshtiyur Nambi. After making Ramanuja come to Tirukoshtiyur 18 times from Sri Rangam in view of preparing him to receive the meaning of Moola Mantram Nambi, gave him the meaning and asked him not to teach anyone who is not prepared. But Ramanuja climbed the temple Gopuram straightwaway, called out for people and taught them the mantra. Nambi was not impressed on hearing this and said by doing this Ramanujar will go to hell as he disobeyed his Acharyan's directions, Ramanuja sought his pardon saying he was aware of this but he thought if crores of people benefits after hearing this, he was prepared to go to hell. On hearing this, Nambi realised Ramanuja's benevolence and called him Emperumanar.
12. Lakshmana Muni- Name given by Thirumaalai Aandaan.and Thiruvaranga PerumAL Arayar
13. SatagOpan Ponnadigiven by ThirumAlaiAndAn.
14. BhUthpurIsar given by Adhi KEsava PerumAL of SriperumputhUr.
15. DhEsikEndhrar given by ThiruvEnkatamudayAn.
Sreemathey Ramanujaya Namaha