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A daring letter by an IIT'an to Rahul Gandhi. Plz read and SHARE


B. Tech, IIT Bombay
ON Rahul Gandhi: "I feel ashamed to call myself an INDIAN after seeing
what has happened here in UP".
Dear Rahul,
But don't be disappointed, I would give you ample reasons to feel
ashamed... You really want to feel Ashamed..?
* First Ask Pranav Mukherjee, Why isn't he giving the details of
the account holders in the Swiss Banks.
* Ask your Mother, Who is impeding the Investigation against
Hasan Ali?
* Ask her, Who got 60% Kickbacks in the 2G Scam ?
* Kalamadi is accused of a Few hundred Crores, Who Pocketed the
Rest in the Common Wealth Games?
* Ask Praful Patel what he did to the Indian Airlines? Why did
Air India let go of the Profitable Routes ?
* Why should the Tax Payer pay for the Air India losses, when
you intend to eventually DIVEST IT ANYWAY!!!
* Also, You People can't run an Airline Properly. How can we
expect you to run the Nation?
* Ask Manmohan Singh. Why/What kept him quiet for so long?
* Are Kalmadi and A Raja are Scapegoats to save Big Names like
Harshad Mehta was in the 1992 Stock Market Scandal ?
* Who let the BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY Accused go Scot Free? (20,000
People died in that Tragedy)
* Who ordered the State Sponsored Massacre of SIKHS in 84?
* Please read more about, How Indira Gandhi pushed the Nation
Under Emergency in 76-77, after the HC declared her election to Lok
Sabha Void!
Dear Rahul, to refresh your memory, you were arrested/detained by the
FBI the BOSTON Airport in September 2001.
You were carrying with you $ 1,60,000 in Cash. You couldn't explain why
you were carrying so much Cash.
(Incidentally He was with his Columbian girlfriend Veronique Cartelli,
ALLEGEDLY, the Daughter of Drug Mafia. 9 HOURS he was kept at the
Airport. Later then freed on the intervention of the then Prime Minister
Mr. Vajpayee.. FBI filed an equivalent of an FIR in US and released him.
When FBI was asked to divulge the information, by Right/Freedom to
Information Activists about the reasons Rahul was arrested ...
FBI asked for a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from Rahul Gandhi.
So Subramaniyam Swami wrote a Letter to Rahul Gandhi, " If you have
NOTHING to HIDE, Give us the Permission"
Why did that arrest not make Headlines Rahul? You could have gone to the
Media and told, "I am ashamed to call myself an INDIAN?".
Or is it that, you only do like to highlight Symbolic Arrests (like in
UP) and not Actual Arrests (In BOSTON)
Kindly Clarify.....In any case, you want to feel ashamed, Read Along...
According to a Provision in the Citizenship Act, A Foreign National who
becomes a Citizen of India, is bounded by the same restrictions,
which an Indian would face, If he/she were to become a Citizen of Italy.
(Condition based on principle of reciprocity)
Now Since you can't become a PM in Italy, Unless you are born there.
Likewise an Italian Citizen can't become Indian PM,
unless He/She is not born here!
Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Man who Exposed the 2G Scam) sent a letter
to the PRESIDENT OF INDIA bringing the same to his Notice.
PRESIDENT OF INDIA sent a letter to Sonia Gandhi to this effect, 3:30
PM, May 17th, 2004.
Swearing Ceremony was scheduled for 5 PM the same Day. Manmohan Singh
was brought in the Picture at the last moment to Save Face!!
Rest of the SACRIFICE DRAMA which she choreographed was an EYE WASH!!!
In fact Sonia Gandhi had sent, 340 letters, each signed by different MP
to the PRESIDENT KALAM, supporting her candidacy for PM.
One of those letters read, "I Sonia Gandhi, elected Member from Rai
Bareli, hereby propose Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister."
So SHE was Pretty INTERESTED! Until She came to know the Facts! She
didn't make any Sacrifice, It so happens that SONIA GANDHI
couldn't have become the PM of INDIA that time.
You could be Ashamed about that Dear Rahul!! One Credential Sonia G had,
Even that was a HOAX!
You go to Harvard on Donation Quota. ( Hindujas Gave HARVARD 11 million
dollars the same year, when Rajiv Gandhi was in Power)
Then you are expelled in 3 Months/ You Dropped out in 3 Months....
(Sadly Manmohan Singh wasn't the Dean of Harvard that time, else
you might have had a chance... Too Bad, there is only one Manmohan
Then Why did you go about lying about being Masters in Economics from
Harvard .. before finally taking it off your Resume upon questioning
by Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Gentlemen who exposed the 2G Scam)
At St. Stephens.. You Fail the Hindi Exam. Hindi Exam!!!
And you are representing the Biggest Hindi Speaking State of the
Sonia G gave a sworn affidavit as a Candidate that She Studied English
at University of Cambridge
According to Cambridge University, there is no such Student EVER! Upon
a Case by Dr. Subramaniyam Swami filed against her, She subsequently
Dropped the CAMBRIDGE CREDENTIAL from her Affidavit.
Sonia Gandhi didn't even pass High School. She is just 5th class Pass!
In this sense, She shares a common Educational Background with her 2G
In Crime, Karunanidhi.
You Fake your Educational Degree, Your Mother Fakes her Educational
Degree. And then you go out saying, " We want Educated Youth into
Not that Education is a Prerequisite for being a great Leader, but then
you shouldn't have lied about your qualifications!
You could feel a little ashamed about Lying about your Educational
Qualifications. You had your reasons I know, Because in India, WE
But who cares about Education, When you are a Youth Icon!!
You traveled in the Local Train for the first time at the Age of 38.
You went to some Villages as a part of Election Campaign. And You won a
Youth Icon!! ... That's why You are my Youth Icon.
For 25 Million People travel by Train Every day. You are the First
Person to win a Youth Icon for boarding a Train.
Thousands of Postmen go to remotest of Villages. None of them have yet
gotten a Youth Icon. You were neither YOUNG Nor ICONIC!
Still You became a Youth Icon beating Iconic and Younger Contenders like
Shakespeare said, What's in a Name?
Little did he knew, It's all in the Name, Especially the Surname!
Because the Name on your Passport is RAUL VINCI. Not RAHUL GANDHI..
May be if you wrote your Surname as Gandhi, you would have experienced,
what Gandhi feels like, LITERALLY ( Pun Intended)
You People don't seem to use Gandhi much, except when you are fighting
Elections. ( There it makes complete sense).
Imagine fighting elections by the Name Raul Vinci...
You use the name GANDHI at will and then say, " Mujhe yeh YUVRAJ shabd
Insulting lagta hai! Kyonki aaj Hindustan mein Democracy hai, aur is
ka koi matlab nahin hai! YUVRAJ, Itna hi Insulting lagta hai, to lad lo
RAUL VINCI ke Naam se!!! Jin Kisano ke saath photo khinchate ho woh bhi
isliye entertain karte hain ki GANDHI ho.. RAUL VINCI bol ke Jao... Ghar
mein nahin ghusaenge!!!
You could feel ashamed for your Double Standards.
Now You want Youth to Join Politics.
I say First you Join Politics. Because you haven't Joined Politics. You
have Joined a Family Business.
First you Join Politics. Win an Election fighting as RAUL VINCI and Not
Rahul Gandhi, then come and ask the youth and the Educated Brass for
involvement in Politics.
Also till then, Please don't give me examples of Sachin Pilot and Milind
Deora and Naveen Jindal as youth who have joined Politics. They are not
Politicians. They Just happen to be Politicians.
Much Like Abhishek Bachchan and other Star Sons are not Actors. They
just happen to be Actors (For Obvious Reasons)
So, We would appreciate if you stop requesting the Youth to Join
Politics till you establish your credentials...
Rahul Baba, Please understand, Your Father had a lot of money in your
Family account ( in Swiss Bank) when he died.
Ordinary Youth has to WORK FOR A LIVING. YOUR FAMILY just needs to
If our Father had left thousands of Crores with us, We might consider
doing the same. But we have to Work. Not just for ourselves.
But also for you. So that we can pay 30% of our Income to the Govt.
which can then be channelized to the Swiss Banks and your Personal
Accounts under
some Pseudo Names.
So Rahul, Please don't mind If the Youth doesn't Join Politics.
We are doing our best to fund your Election Campaigns and your Chopper
Trips to the Villages.
Somebody has to Earn the Money that Politicians Feed On.
Air India, KG Gas Division, 2G, CWG, SWISS BANK Account Details... Hasan
Ali, KGB., FBI Arrest..
You want to feel ashamed..?
Feel Ashamed for what the First Family of Politics has been reduced
to... A Money Laundering Enterprise.
Indira didn't marry Mahatma Gandhi's Son.
For even if you had one GENE OF GANDHI JI in your DNA. YOU WOULDN'T HAVE
(Ambition of only EARNING MONEY)
You really want to feel Ashamed?
Feel Ashamed for what you ' SO CALLED GANDHI'S' have done to MAHATMA'S
I so wish GANDHI JI had Copyrighted his Name!
Meanwhile, I would request Sonia Gandhi to change her name to $ONIA
GANDHI, and you could replace
the 'R' in RAHUL/RAUL by the New Rupee Symbol!!!
RAUL VINCI : I am ashamed to call myself an Indian.
Even we are ashamed to call you so!
P.S: Popular Media is either bought or blackmailed, controlled to
Manufacture Consent! My Guess is Social Media is still a Democratic
(Now they are trying to put legislations to censor that too!!).
Meanwhile, Let's ask these questions, for we deserve some Answers.
B. Tech, IIT Bombay
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Sends message in whataapp....


For twenty minutes... But no reply..

After ten hours...

Hey sorry was busy...


The unimaginable 50 second Ai teaser - An exclusive sneak peek Aug 27, 2014

Ever since the recent announcement about Shankar - Chiyaan Vikram's Ai being a Diwali release, the film has shot back into the limelight in a big way. The producer Aascar Films Ravichandran also revealed his grand plans to launch the audio in Chennai and Hyderabad in the month of September, with the likes of Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger in attendance.

This being the case, a few of us at Behindwoods recently met the maverick producer for an extensive interaction and also joined the lucky select few to get a glimpse at the 50 seconds rough cut teaser. This teaser carried a 'dummy music score' and not Rahman's, it must be noted. Ravichandran reiterated that the Vikram which we were going to see was a result of extensive make-up and not computer generated imagery by any means. What we saw left us speechless and absolutely stunned!

The teaser packs visuals of Vikram in various makeovers

- as a cool and handsome dude romancing Amy Jackson in exotic visuals in typical Shankar style.

- as an intense body builder sporting a fabulous physique and a thick moustache

- as a growling beastly creature (werewolf / gorilla-man) with hair all over the body, wild teeth and horns above. The presence of Vikram in this make-over is really intriguing and one wonders if this is just for a dream song sequence or for some actual scenes too.

- as a deformed, crippled person (sporting a hood) with a heavily disfigured face and limbs, due to some sort of allergic skin reaction. A tied-up Amy screams in horror "Unakku Enna Venum, Yaar Nee" as this Vikram approaches her towards the end of the teaser! Seeing Vikram in this avatar, the 1980 Hollywood movie 'Elephant Man' might come to mind for those who have seen it.

It took some time for us to fathom what we saw and we asked for a repeat of the teaser, which the producer happily obliged. The visuals of Vikram first working out in a room packed with mirrors and then standing in the same room in the aforementioned disfigured, crippled form, gives us a little idea of the film's plot.

The action sequences are grand and along the lines of what Shankar has envisaged in his glorious career till date. The exotic locations and the visual of Vikram riding a bike which keeps 'transforming', again screams SHANKAR and his brand of grandeur.

Anyone who sees this remarkably impactful teaser would keep rewinding what he / she saw, to relive the experience over and over again. If a rough 50 second teaser could leave such a long-lasting impact, what will the actually movie result in? The prospects are endless.

Shankar, Aascar Films, Chiyaan Vikram and the whole crew have taken a major step to take Indian cinema to the next level and make the world stop and take notice of our movie industry. Ravichandran's pride and satisfaction at Shankar's end product seems totally justified.

- Behindwoods

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RIP #URAnanthamurthy Sir _/\_

Dr.U.R. Ananthamurthy, most famous brightest,foremost,renowned Kannada scholar & proud recipient of innumerable coveted awards including the highest Indian literary award, prestigious ‪#‎Jnanapeeta‬ award has attained the feet of the Lord today, making the kannada literary world in loosing the most vocal front liners!

The waiting room of Kamal Haasan’s office in Alwarpet turns out to be the best place for an interview.

The waiting room of Kamal Haasan’s office in Alwarpet turns out to be the best place for an interview. There are a bunch of photos mounted on easels, marking in black and white and sepia the roles that he has essayed over decades. They invite drama into the frame, indicate the stature of the man sitting in front, and they lend the right context and mood to the conversation. Symbolically, celluloid strides in the room, as a righteous presence, listening along with us to Kamal Haasan as he speaks with authority, launches a scathing attack on those who strive to silence cinema.

He is probably Indian cinema’s loudest and most consistent opponent of “post-censor censorship”. “It should be called ‘censorism’,” he suggests with a laugh. “I don’t know why, may be I have not voiced myself well, I have been targeted many times. There was a film called Sandiyar: etymologically, politically, ethnically, they were wrong when they said the name had to be changed. Today, another movie called Sandiyar was recently released.”

“There was an agitation against Mumbai Express: because part of it is an English word. There is no Tamil word for Mumbai Express. I am sure all those who were against it, even they wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ to their lovers in Tamil. Many don’t even thank in Tamil,” he says. Righteous indignation creeps in as he goes on: “It is ridiculous to take a free ride on a vehicle that is available. Somebody has to put a stop to this.”

“If you take Hey Ram, much before its release, a senior politician perceived it as an anti-Gandhi film based on the poster and wanted it stopped. Au contraire, the modus operandi of the film was to mirror the technique of Mark Antony’s funeral oration. It starts with the praise of Brutus, but moves to the defence of Caesar.”

The conversation naturally veers toward, as it must, Vishwaroopam. “I was confident that when they saw it, there wouldn’t be a problem. But, they sort of hyped themselves into a mood of negation… I still stand by the film — it said nothing wrong about Indian Muslims. The only good Muslim is an Indian even if they say that all other Muslims were bad, which I disagree with, in the film.”

He’s on a roll: “I am trying to do my best. If I am wrong, I correct myself. I am right, I stand by it. I don’t regret the fight in Vishwaroopam, I have lost a lot of money. It was a very costly battle, in fact. But I don’t think it should be allowed to happen. We used to think that the Censor Board should be abolished, but seeing how things are going, maybe it should stay on for some more time, until sense prevails.”

Does he think there is any validity for social boycott of films in a liberal democracy? “None. In every religion, there are people who lack sense, and people who are good and rational… Cinema itself is a voice; striving to silence it amounts to fascism. I am attacking everyone who does not allow the arts to flourish,” he replies.

Is all this happening because people are taking cinema too seriously? He doesn’t hesitate for a moment, “No. The politicians are taking cinema too seriously. The people don’t take cinema seriously. As a matter of fact, they have stopped taking even politicians seriously.”

What is the solution: legally and politically empowering the censor board? “The whole system is corrupt. The best way is, to quote a Gujarati gentleman (Mahatma Gandhi), ‘Don’t cry for change. Become the change.’ That’s the only answer.”

But, there is a responsibility for the film maker too. A consummate performer like Kamal is more than aware of that; in fact, he’s clear that as film makers recording conflicts and contentious subjects, “we need to be responsible, have a civic/social sense when we talk through films. It should not be used as a platform for something else.”

- The Hindu

Happy 375 years Chennai ! Small collage work for #Madras375 ツ

MADRAS TIME was the precursor to the INDIAN STANDARD TIME..

Before the country began to follow the IST, the nation had been in two time zones based on Bombay,Calcutta.

Many government system especially the Railways had problem with the two time zones as they were exactly opposite in direction.

Thus Madras which was almost equidistant from these cities (with longitude 80°18’30” east of the Greenwich Meridian) was chosen as the standard time zone.

Railway timing cards showed Madras time departure and arrival along with the local time.

 Coutesy: The Hindu

Via Madras memoirs


Description by Chinmayi Sripada

A highly learned gentleman told me today that even if the legendary singers of yesteryear's were to audition on any of the current day music competitions, they would be 'disqualified'. Only because they'd only be immaculate singers. "They'd be told 'oh you aren't performing' 'Why aren't you moving..?'... also what they are wearing how they look is more important than how they sing, he said.

At the Mirchi Music Awards in Mumbai earlier this year, Mr. Sonu Nigam demonstrated how a 'non-singer' could be made to sound like he sings really well. He asked Manish Paul to hum a few lines and a sound engineer was called on stage to demonstrate how he corrects flaws (Manish was asked to sing as bad as he could.. I am sure he can hum decently like most of us) and ....voila! A singer is born.

In the same event I heard Mr Sonu Nigam and also Sri Udit Narayan sing and couldn't but help feel joy that I get to hear perfection.

We are in a time when anyone is told he can sing and it is definitely cool. The listeners hear a badly sung song on a sound track but they like it anyway, because I am told, they feel like the singer they are hearing on the radio/CD sounds as good/bad as they do. Is it like identifying with the boy-next-door characters in films?

I sometimes question, why aren't learned musicians saying anything? Is playing to the gallery so important that the concept of good singing, drastically compromised? Songs which would until a decade earlier classify as 'scratch' tracks (in recording parlance) now find limelight on the official track-list of a film.

Have people stopped respecting the talent of a trained singer? I remember when I hosted Super Singer, a special guest on the show said it is not necessary to learn singing to sing in films. "Paattu hit aana porum" they said. I was worried wrong advice was being given to aspiring singers but in less than 5 years, I saw it play out. Terrible singing is being celebrated. A layman perhaps doesn't know/care if something is sung well or not. He just needs to identify with some emotion in the song or lyrics as I have been told.

Many say, songs don't 'last' like the used to. Its always about the next catchy number. "We still listen to Viswanathan Velai Venum and Dum Maro Dum without getting bored, don't we?" they ask. And they say, they can't remember the dance number that was popular 5 months ago.

(Let me tell you here I love tracks like Kaasu Panam Dhuddu ... It is fun. It is quirky. Makes me smile and shake a leg. Such songs have existed through time)

I don't know if I should be worried as a musician because of the film music the next gen is listening to. Or I can just switch it off and go.

But not just as a professional singer, but as a listener I would like to listen to good music, to be honest.

The emperor walks naked. And he will be celebrated until perhaps a child .... plays a fiddle brilliantly, I guess

- Chinmayi Sripada

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|| The hero in Jigarthanda --> Bobby Simha ||

Bobby Simha walked into a Chennai theatre recently to gauge the audience’s reaction to his performance as Madurai gangster ‘Assault’ Sethu in Jigarthanda. He was stunned to find himself greeted by raptures of applause and laughter. He confesses to shedding a tear or two, overwhelmed by the praise. “Interestingly, there’s a similar scene in the movie where Sethu cries in a theatre,” says Simha.

While it’s popular news that Jigarthanda was director Karthik Subbaraj’s first script, not many know that Bobby approached Karthik four years ago for a chance to play the role of ‘Assault’ Sethu. “He had felt then that the role was too heavy for me. Perhaps I lacked the maturity necessary to play a 40-year-old gangster,” he recalls. Taking the refusal in his stride, Simha went on to act in films such as Pizza (2012), Karthik’s debut film Soodhu Kavvum (2013) and Neram (2013). His negative role as Vatti Raja in Neram showed his versatility, and the film’s success added to his growing reputation. “The film’s director, Alphonse Putharen, trusted me with the role and gave me the confidence to pull it off,” says Bobby.

A year ago, Simha met Karthik again, this time as a more experienced actor, and repeated his request to play ‘Assault’ Sethu in Jigarthanda. And this time, the director didn’t turn him down. Unbeknown to him, Alphonse had already recommended him strongly to Karthik. On his obsession with playing ‘Assault’ Sethu, Simha says, “The character brims with dynamism. I could see how much scope the role had for an actor. It’s a rare role, the like of which I may never get in my life again.”

The actor had to make several changes to his body language to play the role. “A veteran gangster who has seen a lot of blood, he is not one to faze easily. I had to ooze confidence, and act with a certain assured lethargy,” he says. Simha also had to remember to slow down his walking pace. “I met gangsters in Madurai who have turned over a new leaf; I noticed that they all lead normal lives now. It was important that I depict this without over-dramatising the character."

The typical Tamil villain is much taller and more muscular than Simha. “It doesn’t matter at all,” he says. “How tall was Hitler? Wasn’t he menacing? It is all about your gaze. Regardless of one’s physical appearance, a simple shift in gaze can transform a hapless victim into a cruel psychopath.” In the 60 days of shooting that Simha played Sethu, he refused to talk much on the sets. “I tried to remain Sethu even when we were not shooting,” he explains. “It’s hard to switch on and off otherwise.” He also reveals his decision not to sign any films until Jigarthanda’s release. “A film I turned down released to great response, and many people criticised me for rejecting the role of hero,” he says. “My only response was, ‘Wait for Jigarthanda’.”

Simha is effusive in his appreciation for Karthik Subbaraj and cinematographer Gavemic U Ary. “What you saw on screen was Karthik’s writing. I did the far easier job of acting. As for Gavemic, I saw the effort he put in. ”

The applause is yet to die down, but Simha has already decided that he won’t play a similar role again. “It is time to move on,” he says. In fact, in the upcoming action-thriller Urumeen, he plays the hero. So, will he too move from villain to hero for good? “No, no,” he says. “I don’t mind playing really small roles, as long as I like the script. Hero, villain, character roles… I want to do them all.”

-  By Sudhir Srinivasan for The Hindu.

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Dada _/\_ Really an awesome captain

Title: "When the dressing room played prank on DADA!!"

Wonderful article from Sportskeeda

The dressing room is often a place which fans are completely alienated from for the most part. Rumours, personal history and what not goes on in fans’ discussions, never being able to completely grasp the mood in the dressing room. But when some anecdotes spill out from ex-team members, it more often than not reveals a group of cricketers enjoying each other’s company in the tense world of sports.

Over the last decade, Yuvraj Singh has earned a reputation of being a fantastic match winner, as well as the biggest prankster in the dressing room. A few years ago, in a chat show hosted by Bollywood actress and Kings XI Punjab owner Preity Zinta, Yuvraj opened up about one such prank in the Indian dressing room which was played on the skipper Sourav Ganguly.

The history :

The night before Yuvraj was set to make his ODI debut against Kenya in the ICC 2000 knockout tournament, Sourav Ganguly came up to him and asked. "Open karega na?" (Will you open?)

Yuvraj replied he would, but that was more out of bravado, so much so, that he had to take sleeping pills the night before the match.
The next morning, at breakfast, Sourav told Yuvraj it was just a joke.
For Ganguly, the matter ended there, but Yuvraj had other ideas. Years later, partners in crime with Harbhajan Singh and the rest of the team, he returned the favour to India's most beloved captain.

It was business as usual in Kochi in 2005. With his routine swagger, Ganguly walked into the team meeting before the opener against traditional rivals Pakistan. The players were already present when he got there. He failed to note the pre-planned buzz that quickly turned into pin-drop silence upon his entrance . Everything seemed normal, just like he thought the meeting would be. Little did he know that he would get the shock of his life moments later.
As was the norm, strategies and tactics were discussed, but Dada was aghast when the players showed him a newspaper (fabricated overnight) where he had made some comments against his team’s players. Still unable to fathom what on earth was cooking, he looked on as Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Virender Sehwag gave a sheet of paper to the team manager, Wing Commander M Baladitya, and one to Sourav himself.

“We arranged a printout of an imaginary interview of Sourav, where he’d been critical of his players. When that was shown to him, he pleaded he had not given any such interview." recalls prank mastermind Yuvraj Singh.
Sourav went from player to player, claiming innocence. To make matters worse, the sheet of paper given to the team manager was read out.
Dada's face lost colour when the team, as one, had spelled out their reservations against him and his style of captaincy. "I almost had tears in my eyes," recalled the former skipper. "These were the same players I had always fought for. I didn't know why they were suddenly saying all these things," he added. He looked pleadingly for some support but it was just not there. He was all alone in this battle.

Sourav, in desperation, offered to resign from captaincy and promised he had never made such statements, after seeing the Turbanator Harbhajan Singh and Ashish Nehra storm out of the dressing room.
On the verge of his breaking point, Sourav just could not take it anymore. Rahul Dravid (who else) could not bear to see his captain like this and told him it was an April fool's prank.

“Dada picked up a bat and chased all of us out of the dressing room” said Yuvraj, unable to control his laughter.

"I was more relieved than embarrassed," Ganguly said, years later. Incidentally, he was given another sheet of paper signed by all. He could barely find the courage to read, but when he did, it warmed his heart. It simply read: "Dada, we all love you." The captain promptly hugged each one of his boys, but gave them a stern warning, never to do the same again.

Such unity is the crux of any sporting team in the world, and Dada, a captain loved thoroughly by the players of his team, would remember this not as a day he was fooled, but as a day he came to know how much his teammates loved him.

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#HNY Personalized Poster ... Join #Indiawaale... #HNYTrailer...#‎HNYMadnessIn2Days‬

Autographed Poster from the entire Happy New Year Team...

From Shah Rukh Khan 

From Deepika Padukone


From Abhishek Bachchan

From Sonu Sood


From Boman Irani 

 From Vivaan Shah

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Feeling accomplished

ツ Today, I have completed the #PGDHRM (Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management) examination.
Next, my aim is to complete the computer courses connected to give scope to my career.
The main idea of prior learning to enjoy the concept of earning as the successful step for my further bright future ツ 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Friendship Day Special... #HappyFriendshipDay

As you all know, Goundmani and Senthil have played a lot of memorable acts together and are a laugh riot. What is rather unknown is the level of friendship and camaraderie they share and the respect they show for each other. Here's one such incident.

Well, Senthil's son was in love with a Girl from Madurai. The girl was from a wealthy educated family. They didn't have any qualms once they got to know about the love. The matter was taken up to Senthil. He agreed to meet up with the girls' parents.

Upon meeting them, he explained about his properties to ensure them that the girl would be taken care well, and the fact that he didn't study much and all he needs is his son to be happy.

He was okay for the marriage to be conducted according to their choice and didn't demand them anything.

Although he had only one condition for the wedding.

The Thaali would've to be given by Mr.Goundamani himself in the wedding. Such is the level of respect that Senthil had, that this was his only wish for the marriage. Goundmani did come for the marriage and did the honours.

They may keep bickering, belittling onscreen and make us laugh, but the affection/friendship/respect they have for each other in real life is truly awesome.

Happy Friendship Day!

P.S: The above mentioned incident is true, as narrated by the bride's friend.

Via @Madras memoirs