Wednesday, 22 October 2014

ツ My happy feelings on Kaththi Reviews are revealed below to the extent possible flashed in my mind ツ

To start with, the actor of the film, ilayadalapathy Vijay, he begins his entry in a fine class & massive style. In Satyam Cinemas, people dance to their vims & fancy. Whenever, we see the movie of Vijay, we expect a surprise in him looking unique to show his mass presence in acting. He has completely justified in his fantastic role. His double acting showing his acting & at the same time, as a bad boy while coming from the prison are very interesting.

Hats off to Anirudh Ravichander for making it a 3 hours musical magic with his BG score & songs. Individual perspective seeing is very fantastic. Right amount of glamour, pleasant music give enjoyment to justify his songs. Not only the visuals were complementing, but also Vijay's dance reveals complete justice to the songs. His music for fight scenes is more commendable. His dialogue delivery in a scene for 5 minutes continuously is enchanting. In his fighting sequences, I can assure that he will rock the theatre flooded with people.

His noteworthy things were portraying Vijay as a normal person in many scenes and not as a mass actor. He has done what the script demanded him. I was touched in quite a number of scenes with his sentimental feelings.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu provides eye candy in the song sequences. She looks awesome. That shapely figure can surely fill out any costume beautifully.

Neil Nitin Mukesh, as a villain is not only perfect in his role but also he is an excellent candidate as a villain. 

The message conveyed in the movie is really excellent. The open talk about 2g case is again superb. Dialogues in many scenes are excellent.

I only relax with the positive points, neglecting the negative points.

Well worthy direction by A.R.Murugadoss is appreciated again & again. He has definitely made the end product as a treat for Vijay fans & to all people loving his entertainment.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

‬ ‪#‎HappyBdayCrazy‬Mohan Sir----> #‎WordplayGenius

The climax marriage scene from Pammal K Sambhandam.
Kamal gets the Maalai(garland) from inspector, Simran grabs that from him.
Simran: ivar illa pillai
Inspector: edhu ivar illaya,aprom yen enna vara sonnenga
kamal: mannichikonga sir, inga yaarume pillai illa, Naan Mudhaliyar, ivaruu...
Ramesh Khanna comes in..
Inspector to Ramesh.. ivar thaan pillaya?
Kamal: ivar illa saar pilaai
Ramesh: Naan pillai thaan annen,Saiva Pillai.
Kamal: Aiyo,konjam summa iruda.
Original Maapillai signs the papers
Inspector to mappillai: nee pillaiya pa?
Maapillai: Illa,Nayar.
Kamal: Appo pillai?
Kalyana ponnu: Aiyo, Ivaru mappillai mama
Ramesh: Mappilai Mama va? Appo mapilla?
*Kalyanam gets over and manivannan arrives*
Ramesh: Mudhaliyar mudhaliyare ivar thaan pillai, aana Naayar mudhaliyare
Kamal: Konjam summa iru da
ONE of the best scenes in the movie.
whattey word play by Crazy mohan sir

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

#Jayaverdict #Jayalalitha .....All characters in this status are fictional and no animals were harmed in creating this status

JAYALALITA went to OBAMA house
JAYALALITA: Epdy Ivalo periya veedu kattuninga? ..
OBAMA: Anga thoorathula oru bridge theriyutha? ...
JAYALALITA: Ammam theriyuthu. ...
OBAMA: Atha kattum pothu adicha kaasula katinean
OBAMA went to JAYALALITA house
OBAMA: Ennoda veedu vida perusa irrukkae, Eppadi Ivalo periya veedu kattuninga? ...
JAYALALITA: Anga thoorathula oru bridge theriyutha?...
OBAMA: illayae !!!!
JAYALALITA: Anga bridge Katta vendiya kaasula katinean.
Goyala" Yaar kitta".....

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

|| See you in 2015 Mysooru Dasara ||

Vijaya Dashami is the last day of Dussera. It runs for ten days, concluding with #JambooSavari on the last day. At this juncture, one must and should witness once in a lifetime at least...! Mysore truly "The Cultural Capital of Karnataka". So many forms of folk art, talents and vivid traditions. I was lucky to enter the special gallery with pass with my maternal uncle. The colorful procession with 42 tab-lows were very attractive to look at. The tab-low of Lord Ranganathar in the sleeping style was creating Heavenly Happiness. It looked as though the Lord Ranganathar came from Heaven. Lastly the ‪#‎JAMBOO_HOWDA‬ carrying ‪#‎GOLDEN_PALANQUIN‬ weighing 750Kgs!!! Decorated with Goddess Chamundeshawari on the back of the elephant ‪#‎ARJUNA‬ surrounded by female elephants was colorful to look at.
In the night, I had the lucky chance to see the colorful TORCH LIGHT PARADE at Bannimantapa. Here all the activities like motor cycle riding made us to feel nervous, Horse riding for picking up the burning substance from the ground & lastly the torch light parade showing many slogans. In which, the last slogan displaying “WE MISS OUR PRINCE” was heart shaking with full of tears in the eyes of every person.
I welcome all those unlucky persons in not seeing the colorful dasara activities to see the beautiful activities of 2015 without fail to fill your hearts with happiness