Wednesday, 25 January 2017

100 very useful banking abbreviations

1. NEFT- National Electronic Fund Transfer
2. RTGS- Real Time Gross Settlement
3. NPA- Non Performing Assets
4. QIB- Qualified Institutional Buyers
5. SLR- Statutory Reserve Ratio
6. CAR- Capital Adequacy Ratio
7. SEBI- Securities and Exchange Board of India
8. MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
9. NSE- National Stock Exchange
10.FCNR- Foreign Currency Non Resident Deposit Accounts
11.CDRS- Corporate Debt Restructuring
12.IDRBT- Institute for Development and Research Of Banking Technology
13.YTM- Yield To Maturity
14.MCA- Ministry Of Company Affairs
15.MIS- Management Information System
16.CRISIL- Credit Rating Information Services Of India
17.ICRA- Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited
18.CARE- Credit Analysis and Research Limited
19.IRDA- Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
20.LIC- Life Insurance Corporation of India
21.IEPF- Investors Education and Protection Fund
22.IRDA- Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
23.CCIL- Clearing Corporation of India Limited
24.OTCEI- Over the Counter Exchange Of India
25.ISCI- International Standard Industrial Classification
26.KCC- Kisan Credit Card
27.BCSBI- Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
28.SEBI- Securities and Exchange Board of India
29.SFMS- Structured Financial Messaging Services
30.SHG- Self Help Group
31.BOE- Bill of Exchange
32.CASA- Current and Savings Accounts
33.CBLO- Collateralized Bank Lending Obligations
34.CIBIL- Credit Information Bureau of India Limited
35.CRR- Cash Reserve Ratio
36.KYC- Know Your Customer
37.IPO- Initial Public Offer
38.SMERA- SME Rating Agency of India Limited
39.NBFC- Non Banking Finance Companies
40.FEDAI- Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India
41.ALCO- Asset Liability Committee
42.ALM- Asset Liability Management
43.KVIC- Khadi and Village Industries Corporation
44.KYC- Know Your Customer
45.EXIM bank- Export and Import Bank of India
46.UTI- Unit Trust of India
47.WPI- Wholesale Price Index
48.EDI- Electronic Data Interchange
49.SLR- Statutory Liquidity Ratio
50.SLRS- Scheme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of Scavengers
51.EMI- Equated Monthly Instalments
52.EPS- Earning per Share
53.ESOP- Employee Stock Options
54.YTM-Yield to Maturity
55.LAB- Local Area Banks
56.ALM- Asset Liability Management
57.ANBC- Adjusted Net Bank Credit
58.ASBA- Applications Supported Bank Accounts
59.DPG- Deferred Payment Guarantee
60.DRI- Differential Rate Of Interest
61.DSCR- Debt Service Coverage Ratio
62.FEDAI- Foreign Exchange Dealers Association Of India
63.FOB- Free On Board
64.NPV- Net Present Value
65.DPN- Demand Promissory Note
66.DRAT- Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal
67.OCB- Overseas Corporate Bodies
68.POA- Power of Attorney
69.OLTAS- Online Tax Accounting System
70.OMO- Open Market Operations
71.PACS- Primary Agricultural Credit Societies
72.PDO- Public Debt Office
73.PIN- Personal Identification Number
74.NABARD- National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
75.SIDBI- Small Industries Development Bank of India
76.EDP- Entrepreneurship Development Programme
77.LAMPS- Large Sized Adivasi Multipurpose Societies
78.LERMS- Liberalized Exchange Rate Management System
79.NABARD- National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
80.NBFC- Non Banking Finance Companies
81.QIB- Qualified Institutional Bankers
82.RBI- Reserve Bank of India
83.RDBMS- Relational Database Management System
84.REC- Rural Electrification Corporation
85.RFC- Resident Foreign Currency
86.RIDF- Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
87.RRB- Regional Rural Bank
88.RTGS- Real Time Gross Settlement
89.RWA- Risk Weighted Assets
90.SBI- State Bank of India
91.SCB- Scheduled Commercial Bank
92.NRE- Non Resident External Account
93.NRI- Non Resident Indian
94.SDR- Special Drawing Rights
95.SIDBI- Small Industries Development Bank of India
96.SIDC- State Industrial Development Corporation
97.SJSRY- Swarna Jayanthi Shahari Rozgar Yojana
98.SSI- Small Scale Industries
99.SME- Small and Medium Industries
100. SSSBE- Small Scale Service and Business Enterprises.