Saturday, 31 May 2014

Joyous MBA Farewell Party :-) Ting !

ツ Hearty Joyous Farewell Party was given to all of us by our lovely juniors, so soon. Thanks & good farewell wishes to all, for your hospitality. I find no words for expressing, my heartfelt thanks, for your lovely keen interest, in participating in this fare well function. I felt happy in achieving 2nd prize won in solo in the Talents Day made me to over enjoy for getting the same in this fare well party. I feel happy to announce that God has blessed me High First Class in 3rd SEM. At the end of the party, all of us enjoyed DJ. Congratulations to all of you for getting good results by the grace of God ツ

Monday, 26 May 2014

#‎MyPMNaMo‬ ‪#‎ModiMinistry‬ ‪#‎SwearingInceremony‬ ‪#‎NaMo‬

ツ Congratulations by all the people of Mother India to Hon'ble PM of India
Sri. Narendra Damodardas Modi in becoming the 15th Historic Prime Minister of the proud Mother India in Bharath Matha, spreading his valuable speech as “Ashareera Vaani” promising everyone including rich and poor “Heavenly Happiness” in his regime like the lightening as depicted in the 1st Alphabets of his name 
M – Magic made in his speech all over India
O – Over enjoyment in your wisdom talk
D – Dialogue, like the launched Mangala Rocket
I – Impressed, all the Indians to make “MODI as the 15th PM Of India”


Sunday, 25 May 2014

PattAbishEkam today !

BJP Cabinet Announced :-) @narendramodi

Home - Rajnath Singh
Finance- Subramanyam Swami
Foreign- Arun Jaitley
Defense- Sushma Swaraj
Railway- Vainkaiyaa Naidu
Urban Development- Nitin Gadkari
Agriculture- Gopinath Munde
Rural Development- Ananat Gite
Health - Harshwardhan
Law- Ravishankar Prasad
Commerce - SS Ahluvalia
Telecom- Anant Kumar
Coal- Hansraj Ahir
Petrolium- Ramvilas Paswan
Heavy Industry- Aanandrao Adsul
Aviation- Shahnavaj Hussain
Minority- Mukhtaar Abbas Nakvi
Parliamentary Affairs- Sunlmitra Mahajan
Women & Child Welfare- Anupriya Patel
HRD- BS Yedurappa
Water Resources- Purusoottam Rupala
Sports- Kirti Aazad
Tourism- Sripad Naik
Cultural - Minakshi Lekhi
Information- Jagdambika Pal
Corporate Affair- Anurag Thakur
Conventional Energy - BC Khanduri
NRI- Rajiv Pratap Rudhi
Social Justice- Bandar Dattatray
Home MoS- Satyapal Singh
Defense- MoS- VK Singh
Agriculture MoS- Raju Shetty
Social Justice MoS- Ramdas Aathvale
Law MoS- Kirit Somaiyaa
Sports Mos- Rajyawardhan Rathod

Speaker- MM Joshi

LK Advani - NDA president

Friday, 23 May 2014

Words of Ratan Tata

"If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together."

"How strange it is:

We wish to wear high brands

but we feel most comfortable in Pajamas

We wish to sit in Taj and Marriot with elite people,

but we enjoy road side tea with friends and people we love.

We wish to own big cars and go on long drives,

yet we talk our heart out only while walking down a long road.

We have 64 GB iPods filled with songs but sometimes a song on the radio

brings a smile that can’t be compared."

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Temple of Democracy

At last a Prime Minister who speaks with authority and clarity !
Narendra Modi arrives in Parliament and touches his forehead on the ground outside the entrance.
Says this Parliament is a temple of Democracy, temple of hope.
This will be a Govt. dedicated to the villages, youth & women of India.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Rare pics of @narendramodi, the man who could be India’s next Prime Minister

#PMNaMo #Results2014 #Elections2014

Date 17th May 2014
To The Prime Minister of India Mr.Narender Modi
Hope this message reached you in the state of good health.
We Citizens of India voted you for the good& bright future of our country. We have believed you & have many expectation with you as given below...
1. Uninterrupted 24 Hrs & 365 days Electricity @ Rs3 Residents & Rs. 5 Commercial max.
2. Pure Drinking water even in Hot summer days.
3. Pakki sadak which connects each and every village of India.
4. Speed trains and our railways should be best in world in next 5 years.
5. Single Tax system without books.
6. Quality Education, Free Hospitals for Citizen of India.
7. Home loan @ 5% PA.
8. Business Loan @ 7% PA.
9. All India Best governance like Gujarat.
10. No FDI in retail.
11. Equal rights & benefits based on earnings not caste.
12. Single law for each & every citizen of India.
13. Dollar prices have to bring down to Rs.30 in next 5 years which automatically a prices of Gold, Gas & Petrol etc.
14. Black money which was deposited in Swiss Bank must be brought to India.
15. Police should be citizen friendly.
16. 6 months maximum to close highest crime cases.
We Citizens of India have faith & believe that in next 60 months you must change the fate of India. This time you have asked abki baar modi sarkar but next time onward we will say baar baar modi sarkar. Jai Hind.
Citizen of India!!


Follow @narendramodi on twitter

Follow @narendramodi on twitter to get updates on his plans and how other country Prime Ministers have wished him.

Throughout the election campaign, I have always felt that he was crystal clear with what he wanted to do, speaking mostly about goals and action plans when others had nothing else but to attack him as their party's main motto.

Personally feel wonderful to have a PM instilling so much confidence among us and more importantly a person who talks...

Hope for the best..

ツ Final Year M.B.A Meritorious Jolly Trip to enjoy the places of sightseeing but also the places of worship in South Canara (Karnataka) ツ

♥ The To & Fro Journey of the Final year M.B.A students to South Canara (Karnataka) divinely places including natural scenery was not only excellent but also remains in our memories till our life time.
Now, we will switch on to enjoy the worth seeing divinely temples in South Canara♥

ツ All the Girls of M.B.A started our PICNIK at 9P.M in Luxury Bus from Maharani’s College in a happy mood with our HOD and other two lecturers on Monday, the 12th May 2014, by offering the prayers to God to bless a very Happy Journey ツ

 1) We reached Hornadu at exactly 4am on 13th May 2014. After having our bath, we had the holy dharshan of Goddess Annapurneshwari. We enjoyed the spectacular sceneries in Hornadu. Coffee estates and tea gardens were fantastic to enjoy the natural sceneries and cool breeze...!!!

 2) All of us went to Kalasa. It is a small town; we had the sacred dharshan of Kalaseshwara...


3) Then we went to Sringeri. Here we had the sacred dharshan of Goddess Sharadamba. Here is the sacred river Tunga.

 All of us sprinkled the Tunga sacred river water on our head by offering our prayers to Goddess Sharadamba to bless Good marks in Final Year M.B.A.Here we can see the spectacular scenery happened in the period of Sri. Shankara Charya i.e., the snake is giving shelter to the frog without eating the frog!

Here we can see innumerable fishes in the river 


4) Then we had the dharshanam of Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple.

5) Later, we visited Sigandur to have the dharshan of Goddess Sri Chowdeshwari. It is a beautiful small village which is surrounded by the back waters of the river Sharavathi in Sagara Taluk of Karnataka State.

Launch Service is here to carry people from one shore to another shore to have the dharshan of Sigandur Chowdeshwari 

After darshan, all of us had nice night meal in Sagar. We had a good sleep in the lodge in this place.

7) On 14th May 2014, Wednesday, we went to Murudeshwara beach, where we enjoyed the beautiful beach scenery in north coast of Karnataka.

8) Then we moved our journey to Malpe beach, which is a permanent fishing harbour.

We enjoyed in seeing all the enchanting sceneries right round the Malpe beach in the steam launch.


9) Then all of us came to UDUPI to see Lord Krishna , who is the only Jagadguru known as Sri krishnam Vande Jagadguru, as per vedantic philosophy _/\_

 All of us bowed our heads to Lord Krishna. Our two eyes were not sufficient to have the dharshan of Lord Krishna.

This is Kanakana Kindi in Udupi _/\_

 10) Later, we came to Dhamastala located on the banks of the river Netravathi in Dakshina Kannada District.We had the dharshan of Lord Manjunatheshwara at about 5-30A.M. The climate was cold and started collecting with fog. In the early morning itself, there was a big crowd near the temple to have the dharshan of
Sri. Manjunatheshwara. The queue looked like the tail of Lord Hanuman. Luckily, we had the dharshan of Sri Bahubali by climbing 500 steps, with the God given strength.

 11) Later, we went to Kukke Subramanya which is a small village which is a prestile pilgrimage centre in India.

 People worship Lord Subramanya who is the Lord of Serpents. He protected all the serpents, when apprehended by Garuda. After having the Lord’s prasadam, we came to Mercara to see the Raja Seat, where the king spent the time in the evening, to spend his time in relax, forgetting all the worries.

After enjoying all the places of interest, all of us enjoyed DJ, while travelling in the bus. After seeing all the sightseeing places, we offered our prayers to the Lord for our up and down safe journey.

 Not only, all of us enjoyed with our company of friends, but also felt sorry at the time of parting
We reached our sweet homes with full of joy 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The only difference between watching MSD and Sachin Tendulkar was that...

The only difference between watching MSD and Sachin Tendulkar was that

When Dhoni bats I absolutely love and totally relish it every single time and mostly end up being happy that he finished the match..

But When Sachin batted every time

1) I felt like I was batting there.
2) It was so happy just to read his name displayed on the television screen..
3) Checked if his avg is in high 44s
4) I wished his score in that innings ends up above his overall avg..
5) Checked the number of 50s.. The number of 100s.. Hoping its far away from next best batsman..
6) Wished he scored run a ball to maintain Strike rate above 86,
7) Wished he ends up not out hoping his avg ll increase tremendously..
8) Get scared when scary looking bowlers and debutantes bowled at him.
9) Closely listened how commentators appreciated him when he comes to bat and when he hits his trademark shots.
10) Adored the way he ran with his pads flapping quickly..
11) Hoped the umpires didn't ruin his innings
12) Scolded him if he tried risky paddle sweeps against experienced spinners yet pray for him to be there. "Seri seri paathu aadu.. "
13) Switch off TV after dismissal
14) Hoped he took wickets bowling, if he didn't score big that day
15) Hoped he got Man of the match for whatever he did.

Happy Mother's Day :) Amma Amma :)

ツ Happy Mother's Day to the most powerful force in the universe
My mom ! And all moms out there in this world May you be blessed always!
Thank you for bringing us to this world ツ

Monday, 5 May 2014

Welcome SuperStar to the Digital World !Twitter has joined Rajnikanth, I hear

The rules of the internet no longer apply because Rajinikanth is on Twitter. Yes!

Superstar Rajinikanth Joined Twitter!

Rajinikanth can be followed at


Saturday, 3 May 2014

With humble Pranams to Sri Ramanujacharya on His Jayanthi today.

|| Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha: ||
||Srimadh VaraVaraMunaye Namaha: ||

ツ Pranams at the Lotus feet Shri.Bhagavath Ramanuja on this sacred day of His Holiness ‪‎Thirunakshatram‬ ...
Thirunakshatram(Birth Star) of Shri.Bhagavath Ramanuja Charya, is observed by all the Srivaishnavas‬ It is our duty and privilege to remember our Acharya to study his greatness with full of love, the life and greatness of Sri. Ramanujar ツ