Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Om Karunaakraaya namaha: 🌹🌷

4. ऊँ करुणाकराय नमः
Om Karunaakraaya namaha:

Karuna is compassion while आकर ‘aakara’ means the ‘store house’. Sri Ramanuja is hailed as the storehouse of kindness. He is indeed a veritable repository of empathy and compassion. Earlier Sri Ramanuja was called दयाम्बुधि (dayambudhi) – an ocean of ‘daya’. It is common to translate both daya and karuna as kindness or compassion. But etymologically the two words mean different faculties or attributes.

Though the two words seem to look alike, karuna or kaarunya is a fundamental value which is reckoned as an आत्मगुण, an innate characteristic of the soul. Karuna is a fundamental sentiment, one of the navarasas – the nine celebrated rasas in Indian aesthetics. It is a spiritual endowment that is enshrined in pioneering personalities engaged in mitigating the distress and sorrow of universal suffering. What prompts one to render pragmatic help and assistance to others at a practical level is daya while the basic strength that enables one to embark upon spiritual accomplishments to alleviate distress at a deeper level is karuna.

Sri Ramanuja is endowed with both these priceless potentials and therefore he is rightly addressed both as a dayambudhi as well as a karunaakara.

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