Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Om Pushkaraakshaaya Namaha

ऊँ पुष्कराक्षाय नम: Om Pushkaraakshaaya Namaha : ‘Pushkaraakshaha’ means (1) One who has eyes like a Lotus, and (2) One whose glances are nourishing. The petals of lotus flower and leaves of the lotus plant are very special. Water drops do not stick on to them. Neither does the slush on which it grows. Ramanuja is described here as having lotus like eyes. The lotus flower, its petals and the leaf of the lotus plant are all connoted by the word ‘pushkara’. Sri Ramanuja, while living in this world remained unaffected by the vagaries of mundane existence. ’तदितराणि तृणाय मेने’ (taditaraani trinaaya mene). His only focus was on Bhagavan’s grace and grandeur. His only mission was to make every one aware of this unsurpassed Purushartha or end and aim of existence. Everything else was, to him, like insignificant blades of grass. Hence he is described as pushkaraksha. ‘push’ also means nourishment. Ramanuja, by his mere glance, nourishes his followers all over the Universe. Hence he is pushkaraksha. We have a number of anecdotes during and after the avatar of Sri Ramanuja to confirm the veracity of this title.