Thursday, 3 July 2014

This story of #Vijay'na really made my day!

 Vijay was in jilla shooting spot when suddenly a boy came and asked him for an photo! Vijay snapped a photo with him and the boy went aside ! He came through from a massive crowd outside the shooting spot! But after a short while after the shooting has over, Vijay asked the boy where is his home and about his family! The boy responded by telling that his father has passed away and the mum is working as a maid! This touches Vijay's and he immediately asks his assistant to place a good job for this boy's mother! And the best thing was Vijay told him that 'Dont worry if you doesn't have a father, I will be like a father for you! ' Vijay spent the day long with this boy by bringing him to many places and bought him many of his favorite things ! The moral of the story is help people without expecting for praises and deeds Vijay never make this story big until one of the cameramen revealed this story!