Sunday, 2 February 2014


Tirumala Tirupati is really a divine place of Holy Spirit on this earth, miracaling as Bhu-Vaikuntam for all the people of rich & poor to have His Heavenly Happiness & Grace. The members of our family usually arrange a programme to Tirumala every year. I had the divine opportunity of visiting these sacred places in this year. I felt really sacred at the foot step itself. I could not explain in words about the happiness, I felt at that moment. All of us reached the top of the hill through our God given efforts. All of us were chanting “Govinda …Govinda…” like the clock placed in our heart by the grace of God was really enchanting by creating Bhakthi in the God given mind. This continuous devotional chanting gave all of us Heavenly Happiness. I am having happiness in seeing the wonderful sightseeing places in & around Tirumala. Like adding a feather to a cap, the weather in Tirumala made our journey a perfect one. At the top of Tirumala, I felt a cool breeze. We were lucky to get a cottage arranged through Parakala Swamy Mutt. Provision has been made to the poor to avail Dharma Dharshanam to see the Lord. I had the heavenly opportunity of seeing the Lord Srinivasa by God’s grace.
After keeping our luggage in the room, we took bath and changed our dress to Divine style. Then we had the Dharshanam of Lord Srinivasa easily as a creativity to our real Bhakthi in chanting Govinda…. Govinda….  I forgot all my tiredness and restless feelings immediately after seeing Lord Sri Vari. I felt very happy on hearing the devotional heavenly chanting by all the people “EDUGUNDALAVAADA VENKATARAMANAA GOVINDAA- GOVINDAA”. This lovely bhakthi chanting whole heartedly by all was really amazing, fabulous and splendid! I felt more glad on seeing the Lord Thiruvenkata with garlands and jewels carved in Gold, embedded with Vajra, Vaidurya & costly pearls. The sacred Naamam in the middle of the God’s face was an added surpassing beauty. I felt very much sad, at the time of pushing out by duthaas saying the Harsh orderly sound, Jarugandi-Jarugandi.
We had the Godly Dharshanam of Tirumala for three days at the top of the hill.
Later we came down to Tirupati to see Srinivasa Mangapuram & Sri Padmavati Devi Alayam (Alamelu Mangapuram)
Later we stayed in Govinda Raja Pattanam. Here, Sri Govinda Raja Swami Temple is located in Tirupati near the Railway station.
Then we saw Sri Kodanda Rama Swami Temple situated in Tirupati
Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swami Temple is located at Narayanavanam.
After seeing all these enchanting Holy places, we reached our native land SUVARNA KARNATAKA safely by God’s grace.