Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Emotional words by MSD after World Cup Victory. . .

"Sleepless Nights, grey hairs with the same fade of beard... It was a bunch of youngsters given to me along with a GOD...Everyone mastered their skill but i was alone failing everytime... But when sachin walked back into the pavilion with his face down i was upset...I quickly padded up. The whole team was looking at me and Gary alone backed my decision to move up. I was not even able to run but the only thing that flashed my mind was sachin's childish face looking at the entire crowd ''oh sorry it was my mistake to leav the ground soon'' will anyone like god to put his face down in front of his own crowd? Yes i cant allow that happen... I controlled my pain and decided to go...Finally we had the last laugh with a cry..I dedicate this World Cup to Sachin Tendulkar...."

But I Salute you MSD \m/