Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Om poornaaryalabdha sanmantraya namaha

32. ॐ पूर्णार्यलब्ध -सन्मन्त्राय नमः
 Om Poornaaryalabdha-Sanmantraaya Namaha

"Salutations to the one who obtained the excellent mantra (Tirumantram) from his preceptor Poornaarya (Mahapoornar)".
The line of preceptors (Guru Parampara) is the most important requisite for a Sri Vaishnava. It is a link to get connected with the divine couple Mahalakshmi and Srimannarayana. The Guru initiates the disciple in the Tirumantram thus linking him to the Guru Parampara. Sri Ramanuja is hailed as the central pendant in the linking jewel-necklace of Acharyas (Acharya Ratna Haaram).  In our tradition. Sri Ramanuja got initiated at Madhurantakam by Poornaarya also known as Periya Nambigal. It was Lord Varada of Kanchi who ordained Sri Ramanuja to resort to Poornarya. Thus he got connected with Yamunacharya, Nathamuni and Nammalvar. Later Sri Ramanuja initiated Koorathaazhwan, Embar, Dasarathi, Arulalaperumal Emberumanar, Pillan and such illustrious Acharyas. The line is continuing uninterruptedly till the present day.
पूर्णार्यलब्ध means 'obtained through Poornarya'. सन्मन्त्र is the 'best of mantras' which is the tirumantram.

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