Thursday, 16 February 2017

Om tridhanda Dhaarine namaha

34. ॐ त्रिदण्डधारिणे नमः
 Om Tridhandadhaarine Namaha

"Salutations to the one who holds the triple staff (tridhanda)"

Ramanuja is known as Yatiraja - the king of ascetics. There are varieties of traditional ascetics. Tridhandi is one such variety. He is also known as Parahamsa Parivrajakacharya. Such ascetics hold in their hands three sticks tied together as a single staff. At the top end of the staff there is a flag bearing the insignia of the cult they represent.

All these are symbolic representations of very deep philosophical insight. Sufficed to say, that it signifies that Sri Ramanuja has dedicated his entire life at the service of humanity to serve God.

The life of an ascetic is a very rigourous one in our tradition. Ramanuja ordained one of his ascetic disciples (earlier known as Yajnamurti) to write a treatise on the disciplines to be followed and the significance of the paraphernalia and attire of Yatis. यति-धर्म-समुच्चय  (Yati-dharma-samucchaya) is the text that has blossomed in the sequel and contains details on the significane of of a Yati's life and attire.

त्रिदण्डधारिण् literally translates into 'the holder of the staff'. धारिणे is 'to the staff holder' (dative case).

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