Wednesday, 15 February 2017

om Vedaantadvaya Saarajnaya namaha

26. ॐ वेदान्तद्वयसारज्ञाय नमः
Om Vedaantadvaya Saarajnaaya Namaha

"Salutations to the one who is aware of the quintessence of both the vedantas".

Vedanta means the final purport of the Vedas. There are two streams of scriptures in SriVaishnavism. One is Sanskrit based and the other is Tamil based. The 4000 hymns (pasurams) of the 12 alwars are together hailed as Dravida Veda. Extensive commentaries exist on these hymns, thanks to our purvacharyas. It was Sri Ramanuja who blended the two so harmoniously as to bring out the esoteric substance of the invaluable Vedas.

वेदान्तद्वय means the pair of Vedas. सार is essence. सारज्ञ means one who knows the essence. It was to the credit of Sri Ramanuja that he brought forth the essence of the Vedas, declaring that Sri Ranganatha is the highest truth to be realised and is the final essence of Vedanta.

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