Monday, 4 May 2015

ツ My happy feelings on Uttama Villain Reviews are revealed below to the extent possible flashed in my mind ツ

UttamaVillain LOVED IT! Stardom & Mortality!....

To start with, the actor of the film, Sakalakala Vallavan , Ulaganayagan Kamalhassan plays a dual role connecting 8th century as an artist & current 20th Century as an Superstar . It seems like Kamal Haasan is literally living his real life as a passionate superstar on screen. There are many autobiographical elements in the film, mirroring Kamal's own life. We get to see some marvelous snaps from his real journey as an actor on reel too, as a result. No words can capture this legend's talents, dedication to extensive make-up, realism, screen presence, passion, dance moves, looks and what not. UttamaVillain is another jewel in his already crowded crown. An all-rounder to the core
K.Balachander sir is another masterclass. What a great final hurrah to this guru among directors and the mentor of Kamal, Rajini and many more. A fitting finale for KB sir... Loved the initial scenes of Kb n Kamal... A beautiful interconnection between film & reality... Kamal would be knowingly or unknowingly very happy to dedicate a story line like this for KB sir especially after his demise.. who can give such a CLASSY performance except our Padmashree & KB sir sad tat we lost u! tribute
And each of the support actors is GOLD M.S.Bhaskar & Urvashi take care of the emotional, poignant side as the trusted manager & devoted impulsive wife respectively. Nasser, Pooja Kumar n quite a few others are there for the comedy, histrionics and dancing part during the film's 'meta' musical portions! Andrea Jeremiah & Parvathy Menon stuns us with their unbelievable emoting range :)
Music was kickass from Ghibran ... you will hear some fresh music n few Hollywood level stretch towards the end of film. Very refreshing, talented lad & topnotch BG Score throughout the film
Technically the film is at its best. Uttama Villain also has an Oscar Winning Sound Designer working on board with them. Cinematography is on a high note with sharp Visual & detailed Screening of contents.
Ramesh Aravind done a wonderful job in the direction !

PS: Uttama Villain- Dedicated to K. Balachander Sir, must watch film for art & cinema lovers, it’s a perfect film to be watched & a rare tale in Indian Cinema by legend Kamal Haasan