Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I do miss these things...

1. Britannia  presents Jai Hanuman...tin tin tin tin 

2. According to me there was only one channel for music, films, cricket, serials .... and that is Doordarshan!!!

and I do miss this- Doordarshan's News Tune

3. Jungle Book serial in my local language

4. My Brick Game


5. Always kept my Instrument box clean hahaha

6. Fountain Pen

7. Video Cassette  

8. Audio Cassette  

9. Tape Recorder

10. These funny games in my school


11. Died for this pencil


12. Sachin's Pepsi ad. O sachin ayera bahiya...


13) 5,10,20...Paisa coins collection 


14. Something wrong with the antenna :-/


15. Sharjah Cup - Sachin vs Warne/ Olonga


16. You must have rotate this at least one


17. Reloading toy gun

18. Stupidest guy - Suppandi

 19. Nirma ad music tone

20. This is how you start your next year in the school

 21. Labels on books

22. Sorry Shaktiman, forgot to add you in the list


23. Pen Fight


24. Vacations are not complete without Rasna 

25. Light Shoes 

26. Boomer - ad and this super hero


Courtesy: Google Images