Saturday, 27 June 2015

ツ Joyous memory enjoyed in Green areas of Malanad area filled with natural scenery ツ

 ♥ To & Fro journey with our lovely family members created Heavenly happiness on earth for four days by forgetting the busy Mysore, enriched all of us with full of sentimental Joy by seeing temples, natural sight seeing places in & around malanad area created enriched joy, full to our brim of happiness by seeing the enchanting Natural sceneries by the grace of God ♥

All of us had the blessing of Goddess Sharadamba in Sringeri through our sincere prayers _/\_
 All of us enjoyed the beautiful areas in Harihara pura in drizzling rain

 Agumbe : Enchanting sceneries of Agumbe couldn't be enjoyed due to Heavy raining !

ತುಂಗಾ ನದಿ Tunga River