Sunday, 3 August 2014

Friendship Day Special... #HappyFriendshipDay

As you all know, Goundmani and Senthil have played a lot of memorable acts together and are a laugh riot. What is rather unknown is the level of friendship and camaraderie they share and the respect they show for each other. Here's one such incident.

Well, Senthil's son was in love with a Girl from Madurai. The girl was from a wealthy educated family. They didn't have any qualms once they got to know about the love. The matter was taken up to Senthil. He agreed to meet up with the girls' parents.

Upon meeting them, he explained about his properties to ensure them that the girl would be taken care well, and the fact that he didn't study much and all he needs is his son to be happy.

He was okay for the marriage to be conducted according to their choice and didn't demand them anything.

Although he had only one condition for the wedding.

The Thaali would've to be given by Mr.Goundamani himself in the wedding. Such is the level of respect that Senthil had, that this was his only wish for the marriage. Goundmani did come for the marriage and did the honours.

They may keep bickering, belittling onscreen and make us laugh, but the affection/friendship/respect they have for each other in real life is truly awesome.

Happy Friendship Day!

P.S: The above mentioned incident is true, as narrated by the bride's friend.

Via @Madras memoirs