Monday, 6 March 2017

Ramanuja Ramanuja

44. ॐ प्रपीत-विषतीर्थाम्बु-प्रकटीकृत-वैभवाय नमः
Om Prapeeta-Vishatheerthaambu-Prakateekrutha-Vaibhavaaya Namaha

"Salutations to him who exhibited his greatness by means of an incident in which he drank the poisoned holy water"

This name refers to an incident in the life of Sri Ramanuja. Because of his various measures to bring about social changes for the better, vested interests always attempted to eliminate him. Once, someone hatched a plan to kill Ramanuja through a temple priest. The priest poisoned the holy water (theertham) and offered it to Sri Ramanuja. Ramanuja could gauge by the circumstances that he was being poisoned. He remained calm though, and drank the water in faith.

The next day the priest tried to check up as to what happened to Sri Ramanuja and found him resplendent as ever. The priest immediately realized his sin and fell at the feet of Sri Ramanuja and begged for his pardon. This instance is recorded in our Guru Parampara.

विषतीर्थाम्बु means ‘poisoned holy water’. प्रपीत means ‘that which was drunk’. प्रकटीकृत means exhibited. वैभव is greatness.

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