Monday, 6 March 2017

Pavothreekruta kooreshaaya namaha

ॐ पवित्रीकृत-कूरेशाय नमः
Om Pavithreekruta-Kooreshaaya Namaha

Salutations to the one who blessed Sri Kurusha and reformed him.

This name narrates the hallow of sacredness associated with Sri Ramanuja. The personality of Sri Ramanuja was universally sanctifying and ennobling. Anyone who came in contact with him got transformed spiritually. He or she would find new meaning of existence and the true direction in life. Andan, Azhwaan, Pillan Embar and others who were very close to Sri Ramanuja have witnessed this trait and recorded it explicitly, hailing the benefits of the blessings of Sri Ramanuja.

Sri Kurattazhwan was once very proud of his riches, scholarship and noble descent. It is said that he realized the peril of the trap of this pride only after he surrendered to Sri Ramanuja.

पवित्रीकृत means ‘made sanctified’ कूरेश is Kurattazhvan – ‘पवित्रीकृतकूरेश’ means ‘He who sanctified Kuresha’.

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