Monday, 6 March 2017

Om Maalaadharaarya Sujnaatha Draavidaamnaaya Tattvanidhaye Namaha

ॐ मालाधरार्य-सुज्ञात-द्राविडाम्नाय-तत्वनिधये नमः
Om Maalaadharaarya Sujnaatha Draavidaamnaaya Tattvanidhaye Namaha

“Salutations to the one who is the storehouse of wisdom of the Dravida Veda which is very well understood and digested by means of the instructions from Sri Maalaadhara (Tirumaalai Aandan)"

Sri Ramanuja is the most fortunate and illustrious of our Acharyas. He was nourished and nurtured by earlier Acharyas with great affection and concern. Various streams of wisdom converged in Sri Ramanuja through the grace of eminent preceptors. Atleast five such Acharyas are recorded in our Guru Parampara. Ramanuja is called Panchaacharya Pravana - indebted to five preceptors. Earlier, we noted the role of Vara Ranga in shaping Sri Ramanuja. Today, the role of Malaadhara is cited. Sri Ramanuja imbibed the wisdom of Dravida Veda by the grace of both Vara Ranga and Malaadhara.
The 40th Namam, वररङ्गानुकम्पात्त-द्राविडाम्नाय-तत्वनिधिः has a variant - वररङ्गानुकम्पात्त-द्राविडाम्नाय-पारगः. Paaraga means one who has reached the other shore which means acquiring complete mastery. Thus, if Vararanga made Ramanuja understand the extent of Dravida Veda in its entirety, it was Maalaadhara who made Sri Ramanuja fathom it's depth.

मालाधरार्य-सुज्ञात means “well understood by the grace of Maalaadhara”. द्राविडाम्नाय is Dravida Veda. तत्वनिधि: means “storehouse of wisdom”.

श्री रामानुज सहस्रमानोत्सव सेवा®
Sri Ramanuja Sahasramanotsava Seva®