Monday, 6 March 2017

Om Kuresha Daasharathyaadi Charamaarthaa Pradaayakaaya Namaha

ॐ कूरेश-दाशरथ्यादि चरमार्थ-प्रदायकाय नमः
Om Kuresha-Daasharathyaadi  Charamaartha Pradaayakaaya Namaha

"Salutations to him who imparted the ultimate meaning of life and reality to Kuresha, Dasharathi and others."

A host of eminent scholars and illustrious masters like Kuresha and Dasharathi resorted to Sri Ramanuja. They were able to find the final purpose of life by the blessings of Sri Ramanuja. They found solace that they were seeking all through their life. The greatness of Sri Ramanuja is that he is not only generous and compassionate towards people seeking worldly benefits, but is capable of bestowing the best to the most advanced spiritual seekers. Once and for all he conclusively showed the eternal and the highest end of life by resolving all conflicts. This final import is called चरमार्थ.

चरम means final while अर्थ means import. प्रदायक is the bestower. कूरेश-दाशरथ्यादि means 'Kooresha, Dasharathi and others'.

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