Monday, 6 March 2017

Om Devataajarchanarataaya Namaha

ॐ देवराजार्चनरताय नमः
Om Devaraajaarchanarataaya Namaha

“Salutations to the one who reveled in the worship of Lord Devaraja”

Lord Devaraja is worshipped at Kanchipuram. He is the supreme deity worshipped by all other deities upto Brahma. Kanchipuram is one of the most ancient cities in India counted among the sacred centers of learning. It is here that Sri Ramanuja got himself engaged in the joyous theertha-kainkaryam in his formative ages. He imbibed the essentials of Vedanta at Kanchipuram. As such, Ramanuja’s affection for Lord Devaraja was distinctively special. The inspiring life of this master has passed on the message that it is not intellectual speculations that confer fulfillment but it is actual involvement by hardwork to serve the Supreme and his devotees that marks the culmination of spiritual evolution.

देवराजार्चन is worship of Devaraja. रत is one who revels in it.

श्री रामानुज सहस्रमानोत्सव सेवा®
Sri Ramanuja Sahasramanotsava Seva®