Monday, 6 March 2017

Om Chatussapthathi-Shishyaadyaaya Namaha

ॐ चतुस्सप्ततिशिष्याढ्याय नमः
Om Chatussapthathi-Shishyaadyaaya Namaha

“Salutations to the one who is endowed with 74 disciples”

Sri Ramanuja is generally called Yatiraja - the king of ascetics. It is said that he had 700 sanyasis as his followers. Yati means an industrious recluse who works for the spiritual upliftment of all, not confined to a family or a group of families. In addition to such noble souls, Sri Ramanuja had a band of exclusive disciples, 74 Simhasana-Adhipatis, leaders of multitudes of men. One might have millions of followers but the value of a distinguished Guru is judged on the basis of how many wise and noble acharyas follow him. This name precisely points to the excellence of Sri Ramanuja as the leader of 74 illustrious acharyas.

चतुस्सप्तति indicates the number 74. आढ्य literally means rich.

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