Saturday, 30 July 2016

Why is Narendra Modi so popular among Indians?

Recently He had been to Arnab’s show. At first being a die hard Modi fan, When ever Arnab was addressing him as Mr. Prime Minister, it was just like WOW. It just reminded me the soldiers addressing the the president of America in Hollywood movies.
Now lets come to the question.He is so popular among Indians because he is very simple and straight. Although he is the prime minister of world’s largest democracy , He know bit by bit about the working of the central government. Recently He had given an interview to Arnab Goswami of Times Now. And you won’t believe how clear and determined he was through out the whole interview. The interview is a must watch for all the Indian. I have made a summary of the interview, Please go through it. And you will know why He is so popular among Indians.
  • When he was questioned about his so many foreign tours he simply told
I had no political background. I was new to the national politics. But to develop our country the co-operation of other countries was a must need. So to deal with me, the leaders of other countries must know how is Modi as a person. If they had preferred media to know me, they would have misguided. So it was my duty to meet all those leaders one by one for the betterment of my country.
(this was the question of the nation since 2 year, and now mystery solved)
  • When asked about the relationship with Pakistan, his reply
Those who have to work from the table, will work from the table and those who have to work at the border will work at border with full strength.
(how many leaders had the guts to say this)
  • When asked about the patriotism of Raghuram Rajan
I believe his patriotism is no less than any of us. Whatever post he holds, wherever he is, he is someone who will serve the country. He also said Unke Desh Bhakti Ke Bare Mein Bura Kehna Ek Paap Hai. (It’s a sin to question his Patriotism)
(Feels very good to listen such words from you)
  • When asked about the 15 Lakhs issue, He replied
That is something the opposition raises during elections. Let they have some issue to talk about.
(really cool…………)
  • When asked about what people think about Vijay mallya issue, His answer was
People know if there is someone who can bring the money back , It’s Modi and he will do it.
(Confidence redefined)
  • When Arnab questioned about misuse of law
Arnab- Does it worry you, that people have misused the law ?
(Regarding Vijay mallya escaping from India without repaying a loan amount of 9000 Cr.)
Modi- I take this as an opportunity and I will show them what the law is.
(Mallya in danger)
  • Answering about congress protesting in the parliament unnecessarily he said
This is really something sad. They shouldn’t do like this. Most importantly they have been in the government since 60 years. And they know the working principle in every detail.This is not expected from a party like them.
Then he give an example regarding this
we are in power now, and consider in 2040 we become the Opposition party. So, in 2040 we can't have the same conduct as the one we had in 2009 or 2010.
(Even He is unwilling to give the power in congress hand in his example also. He may had had said 2019 instead of 2040)
  • His view on election
You can call elections a necessity, a restraint or a responsibility, we have to do it. I attend many functions, go to different areas, you wouldn't have heard any political comment from me. If I go to a government function, I talk about government related topics. If I attend a Railways function I talk about railways, if water then water, if water bodies, then water bodies. My focus is on governance.
Elections should just be a bi-product. It is a democracy. Winning and losing is a part of it. It shouldn't be hyped.
  • His view on what is the job of a Govt
Country has been at greatest loss because governments were run only for elections. Governments must not run only for elections. The government should be a bona fide attempt of meeting the demands and expectations of the common people.
  • Requesting the people of his country to put their effort for the betterment of the country
I also tell the country, that for the poor of the nation we would have to give out something for the poor in our country. It is my responsibility to give the people an account of every rupee. I will use it at right places. I won't let it get stolen.
  • And He is Doston ka Dost Aur Dushmano ka Dushman (Friends of Friends and Enemies of enemies)
I have given the citizens a chance to pay the taxes till 30th September, whatever it is Rs 10,000 or Rs. 50,000. If they think they want to come into mainstream, they must and shouldn't be worried. After 30th September, the government will have to take steps. I will not worry about the polls. I will take the necessary steps. I want to work for the poor in my country
  • His reply on how he motivates himself
Firstly, I don't live under the burden of worries. Problems and challenges are there, you can't deny that. But you must challenge the challenges and not let the challenges turn into worries. This is my principle. I challenge the challenges. I like to face the problems. I don't run away from them. Whatever loss I have to face for it, I face it. But I can't leave the country helpless. This responsibility must be taken and I will continue to do so. For all good and bad things, it is my responsibility. I do not regret anything. I believe, people of the country have given me the responsibility and I must fulfill it. Thirdly, when I see the poor in our country, it reminds me of the work that I have to do for them.
(A true leader)
  • His reply towards the communal comments of political leaders
Don’t make them Heroes , they will stop .
(But Sorry sir our media is not mature enough)
  • At last, Thank Arnab for making him laugh. This cute smile was missing since many days.

I think this Interview is sufficient to tell us why he is the most popular human being in India.
Image source- Snapshot from Youtube.