Sunday, 24 July 2016

My Good Views in general

My Godly well wisher Kumari. RAMYA S working as computer operator in M/S Kamadhenu associates has previously discharged her work in many firms 🙋
Sriman SRINIVAS, Civil Engineer of M/S Kamadhenu associates had given fine job in his office to Kumari. RAMYA S. She was evincing her satisfaction for working in this office. She was appreciating the good nature of Sri. SRINIVAS in rendering his help to the persons working under his control by giving extra holidays for their good work. He was a good gentleman.
My well wisher after doing all the household daily duties was going a little bit late to the office. Even though the boss was becoming angry for her late attendance, he was forgetting and convincing her. Recently, I was having the opportunity to speak with her boss & it was a pleasure conversing 👌👍
She was also telling me that she is praying God to give happiness to her boss.
These good facts about her boss gave me a good satisfaction in my mind 😊
I feel glad in my conversation with Sri. SRINIVAS.
I pray God to bless all the best to Sri. SRINIVAS 🙏