Sunday, 27 December 2015

ツ Heavenly happiness enjoyed in our pilgrimage tour from Adhi ranga, Madhya ranga & Antya ranga in southern India by the grace of Almighty ツ

♥  To & fro journey with my lovely family members created happiness on earth for four days by forgetting the busy life which enriched all of us with full of sentimental joy by seeing temples, natural sightseeing in & around Trichy created joy, full to our brim of happiness by enjoying the dharshanam of temples in the temple city by the grace of God  ♥

December 21 to December 25
First at 5:10am, on 20th-12-2015, all our family members really enjoyed the dharshanam of Sri Ranganathar by seeing Lord’s paadam first & his full dharshan later in Srirangapattanam called as Adhiranga, after taking sacred bath in the river Kaveri.
We enjoyed the dharshan of Lord Madya Ranga in Shivana samudra at 07:45am. After having the dharshan of Varadharaja perumal in satyagala, we travelled through Erode, Dhimbam, Satti, Gobi, Namakal & arrived by 7-45pm in Srirangam, where all of us had a good stay in Yathri nivas. We touched the devotional feet of Lord Sriranganathar. We enjoyed the Heavenly Happiness by seeing dharshan of All the Alwars.
21-12-2015:- Next day, all of us had the dharshan of Goddess Ranganayaki Thayar. We had the grace in getting the sweet prasadam of Sakkara pongal & puliyogare at 9Am. Later, we stood in the queue to have the dharshan of Lord Sri Ranganathar at 12pm. We have to remember how the people who built these temples have took strain & shed their sweat to build the temple for Sri Ranganatha. The stone carving on these pillars carry the staunch devotion of the sculptors, who lived in those years. Even an inch of the carving on the stones in the holy ancient Temples speak about the devotion & faithfulness of our sculptors, who took keen interest in building temples for God & Goddesses.  We have to remain in peace to have the dharshan of God. Meditation of God gives Mukthi. I saw Sri Ranganathar & felt really blessed. The priest gave me thulasi & a white lotus. All of us had the dharshan of Lord Sriranganathar. We passed through the swargadha bhaagilu (Paramapadha vaasal) to attain Mukthi. Later all of us had the dharshan of Lord sudharshana sannidhi & Sri Ramanujar Sannidhi. We had the good occasion of seeing the “Thousand Pillars of Lord Sannidhi”.
Next day, we saw Sesha shayi mandapapam, Chandra pushkarani, Sannidhis of All Alwars, Rangavilasam, Methu Alagia singer, Garuda mandapam, kamba ramayayana, sri manavala mamunigal sannidhi, sena mudhaliyar sannidhi, all the sannidhis inside the Srirangam temple have been seen for nearly three days.

All of us arrived our sweet home safely at 2Am on 25th December 2015.
Really all our family members had the good opportunity of enjoying the “HEAVENLY HAPPINESS” in having the dharshan of ADHI, MADYA & ANTYA RANGA to enjoy the happiness of THEERTHA KSHETHRAMS of SOUTH INDIA by the blessings of GOD.