Thursday, 4 December 2014

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The best masking happens right here in the Social Media. And it is quite daunting to see when people assume the actual persona with what is being posted!
Be that the posts or memes or whatever. Memes flood around and trolls bombard the timelines, Rather than creativity, there is whole lot of urge to attain fan following. Everyone is into the fame game. You-Me-Everyone. And you hardly know if they are the legitimate source of what they post. Few give credits, few doesn’t.
Few vent out, few pass time. Few crave for likes, few indulge in stalking. Few keep cool, few portray wisdom. And what you see here is purely the choice of what they choose to post. The actual persona is a big picture.
If you take into consideration the number of followers and the number of likes and every other unworthy statistics, you never know the wisdom of who likes and follows and you end up being carried away. Every single thing gets viral, and you cannot assume if the posts are an outcome of passion and knowledge or pure fun. And at times, it does go to the extent of affecting someone's life.
So this is for the little kids who spend loads of time in cracking their heads to make people follow them, who keep asking me "how do you know XYZ", "how do u get these likes?" and who feels on the top of the world when they get requests from the FB legends out here.
Everyone has a life. A life that you can’t imagine, a life where they toil and slog, a life where they enjoy and laugh. With all your posts and likes you may be recognized in a general crowd. But the real recognition is when you are recognized for what you are and not what you post.
End of the day, everyone has concealed emotions, wants, aspirations and desires, and this is what you need to know before building an image about a person. Still, if you want, adore people, but never aim to become one like them. Life has a larger picture!
- an Eye opener status by Yashwanthy G Kanniyappan