Thursday, 4 September 2014

Facts about Mysore city

1)2nd cleanest city in india
2)Mysore railway junction is cleanest railways
station in india
3)university of mysore(first university in
4)MMC is 1st medical college in karnataka
5)1st city to undertake planned development
in asia
6) cultural capital of karnataka
7)famous for mysore silk,mysore masala
dosa,mysore mallige,etc
8)vishnuvardhan,nr narayan murthy,raghu
dixit,vijay prakash,cnr rao,akhilesh,ya
esh have connections with mysore city
9)worlds largest corporate university(infosys
GEC) is in mysore
10)mysore zoo is 3rd best zoo inasia10) In
2010, the city of Mysorebecame the first Wi-Fi
enabledcity in India,.Today, Wi-Fi enabled
Mysore is the second in the world after
11)indian election inks(markedon finger)is
manufactured onlyin mysore
12)one of four cities in india where currency
notes are printed
13)2nd largest IT export in karnataka after
14) Mysore Was Home To The FirstPrivate
Radio Station In India
15) Mysore's Karanji Lake's Aviary Is The
Biggest 'Walk Through' Aviary In India
16) Mysore have India's First Intelligent
Transport System
17) St.Philomina?s Church(india?s 2nd Tallest
Church)? Proud to be a Mysorean?