Monday, 9 June 2014

Just submitted my final project for an MBA program.

 ツ Blessings of God and elderly well wishers made me to submit my Final Year, MBA Project Work to my Hon’ble HOD, who has accepted the same, with full of happiness.
The credit achieved in submitting this, goes to my lovely parents & family members. Add to this, the Faculty members and tuition masters, Mr. Shastri & Mr. Prabhu will be remembered for ever, for having extended their full support.
Apart from all the above honest heartfelt happiness, I can never forget in my lifetime, for having sent my maternal uncle Sri.C.R.Ramdas for giving his valuable guidance in doing my MBA project work. This credit goes to all my lovely family members in Bangalore for their timely help in sparing my uncle.
Thanks to all ツ