Friday, 11 April 2014

A Tribute to Adam Gilchrist

The name Adam Gilchrist is associated with unbridled aggression and of course entertainment. This man has always played his cricket with freedom. He expressed himself in a joyful way most of the times. He ll always be remembered for his attacking batsmanship and safe wicketkeeping. Some of his career highlights are -

  •     He holds the record for the most no. of dismissals in both tests and ODIs (400+ dismissals in both). This feat is remarkable for a man who started off in only 1997
  •     He has struck the maximum no. of test centuries (17) for a wicketkeeper batsman
  •     His strike rate was very healthy even in test cricket. His century of just 57 balls against England was breathtaking to say the least. This was incidentally the 2nd fastest ever Test century
  •     He has hit the maximum no. of 6s in Test cricket (100+)

Inspite of all his exploits in the Test arena, Gilly ll always be fondly remembered for his swashbuckling ways as an ODI opener. He was path breaking and trend setting.He changed the perception about wicketkeepers. Before, it was acceptable for a wicketkeeper to average around 20 to 30. But Gilly revolutionised the way wicketkeepers contribute. His partnerships with Mark Waugh and later Mathew Hayden at the top of the order, are the stuff of legends.

His 149 run knock in the WC 07 final in the Caribbean against SL has to be the highest point of his career. It was a one man demolition show from Gilly. He has scored 50+ in all the 3 WC finals he has played in. He has been part of 3 successful WC winning Aussie teams. An enviable feat!!!
His strike rate in ODIs is close to 100. Australia ll forever be inebted to Gilly for the gr8 starts that he has provided at the top of the order.

Off the field he remains one of the most likeable characters. He moves along well with all his opponents. He has earned the respect of all his contemporaries and former greats. He has played his cricket in a fair manner most of the time. His support for 'walking' was praise worthy.

While people all over the world ll be quick to label the Aussie cricket team as arrogant and unsportive, the warmth and fondness with which they regard Gilchrist is a fitting tribute to the man. His voluntary contribution to the Glenn Mcgrath Breast Cancer Foundation is indeed heart warming.

He leaves the game on his own terms. The game ll definitely become poorer due to his retirement. People all over the world are bewildered by his decision. This is the best way to leave ( full of grace). He ll be an Aussie legend like Bradman,Warne,Waugh,McGrath,Chappel etc etc. For the sheer fact that he changed the outlook of the cricket fans towards wicketkeepers, he ll be right at the top always.