Sunday, 23 March 2014

It happened to me thrice times recently!!

I usually stay late at night and sleep at 3 or 4 am ...Sometimes i wake up early and then gets sleepy (Due to staying late at night) , suddenly after few mins , i had dreams which includes different people (Family or Friends) ...One time ,inside the dream , it was like me laying on a bed unable to move or talk or call for help and something supernatural or ghosts are being the reasons inside the dream..Atlast i tried my best thereby waking up frightened ....I didn't knew the fact that it was a dream until i woke up...This happened three times which included different stories and different people...I thought something bad is gonna happen to me because I faced this type of dreams few times recently....Now only I understood the reason behind this ...It's just amazing :D....Believe me , it would be frightening and but could be thrilling as well...!;-) :P