Monday, 3 March 2014

A True Inspiration.. _/\_ King Khan !

1965: Born in a Lower Middle Class Family..

1970 : His family was thrown out of his house when couldn't pay the rent on time.

1980 : He lost his father when he was just 15.

1985 : He used to borrow 20 bucks from his friends every weekend just to visit Film City.

"I’ve slept on the roads. There have been times I’ve been thrown out of my house because we couldn’t pay the rent. I have been on the roads twice." - SRK

1990 : He Lost his Mother when he was just 25, before she could see any of her son's achievements. Then after lot of struggle did Movies which were once rejected by the A List Actors. Some of them are Deewana, Darr, Baazigar

1995 : Ironically these movies made him a Super Star...

2000 : Became the 'Baashah of Bollywood'.

2005: Padma Shri

2008: Named By Newsweek as 1 of the 50 Most Powerful People in The World.

2010 : The Richest Actor of India.

2011 : BBC And LA Times Called him "World's Biggest Movie Star"

2011 : Only Indian to win UNESCO Award For Charity

2013 : Named As The Biggest Brand of India by Forbes.

Unbiased King Of Bollywood Since 2 Decades, Has Done Films Of All Genres. Has the Most No. Of Awards to his name and has won awards from all over the world. Has His Name In The Guinness Book of World Record As The Highest Earning Bollywood Star.

(These Are Just Few Of His Achievements)

"Walk with Hope in your Heart and You Will Never walk alone''- ‪#‎SRK‬