Monday, 30 December 2013

ツ Watched #Bajarangi - Jai Jai Jai Jai Bajarangi !!!! with my Dad :* :-)

Superb title song choreography , watta energy, watta dance Superb ! #Shivanna :))) #Shivanna has two roles to play in this movie. One of a younger guy who apparently brings bad luck where ever he goes and the other of a saviour, a more matured shivanna. I personally liked the matured shivanna role better. The movie has a little too much violence,some brutal scenes could have been easily edited off.I heard they are going to chop off 11 minutes. The other actor who stands out is #Lokesh, he plays the role of a villian, real good acting. There is another song in the movie.." re re re bajarangi", beautiful, #ShivaRajkumar looks really nice in that song.His costume in Jiya Teri Jiya meri song is also good ! Shivanna with this movie has reiterated that he is here to stay !! Jai Bajarangi !!